HBC prides itself on producing biannual performances that challenge our dancers artistically and enhance the influence of the arts on our campus. Explore our most recent productions below.

The Harvard Ballet Company was excited to present our spring 2019 production, "in search of". Inspired by the act of searching, as well as the array of emotions that arise from such an act, dancers moved through the spectrum of the external to the internal search, exploring not only choreographers’ personal ties to searching but also the universality of this shared human experience. Featuring an immersive set and modern minimalist music, "in search of" was a compelling work that engaged viewers and pushed the boundaries of dance performance. Ultimately, we hoped to challenge the audience to ask themselves the same question we started with: “what are you searching for?”

The Harvard Ballet Company celebrated its 25th anniversary season with “on quarter,” an original work that tackled the experience of performing on Harvard’s campus, finding a place to call home in an unfamiliar environment, and exploring the community that artistic creation provides for so many. Through pieces inspired by HBC traditions and performance elements often hidden backstage, “on quarter” questioned where performance can occur and what place art can occupy within our community. Alongside a live concert of Gershwin piano works, student and alumni choreographers presented an immersive production that celebrated the home that HBC has been for 25 years, and launched an investigation of both the performer's and the audience’s identities as dancers, students, friends and artists.

A long time ago, in a galaxy far, far away…the Pops Orchestra and Harvard Ballet Company combined forces to produce a collaboration of astronomical proportions. The production explores the human fascination with outer space and the conflicting feelings of paralysis and excitement that come with it. Featuring iconic space-inspired music spanning the classical, film, and popular musical canons, and starring some of this campus’ most talented dancers, Out of Orbit is a multi-media performance that will blow you out of this world.

In Passage is a topical and timeless musing on migration. With an original score composed by Sam Wu (’17) and performed by the Brattle Street Chamber Players, In Passage explores the arduous nature of travel across vast distances and through tough, hostile environments. The score presents the environments the dancers migrate through as both physical spaces and emotional states, posing the question “What is home?” and suggesting, through dance and music, that perhaps the journey itself is home.

The notion of the city as an entity that exemplifies humans’ ability to both alienate and unite serves as the inspiration for HBC’s Spring 2017 production, CityScapes.  In collaboration with student artists ranging from live musicians to hiphop dancers, our choreographers and dancers presented pieces that investigate the beauty, subtlety, and strength of cities and the individuals who populate them.

Inspired by MGM's classic film, HBC’s Oz not only brings new life to the adventures of Dorothy and friends but also explores the story’s more poignant themes of identity, self-worth, and home. With choreography by both students and esteemed guest artists, Oz is an familiar, yet fresh, interpretation of this quintessential tale of friendship and personal journey.

The Road Not Taken celebrates the centennial anniversary of Robert Frost’s titular poem by exploring the renowned poet’s work through movement and music. From engaging with a single poem to drawing connections between his well-known themes and personal artistic inspirations, our choreographers have channeled Frost’s universal ideas into a production that expresses both his and their own artistic identities.

Based on Lois Lowry’s award-winning novel, HBC’s The Giver is a wrenching exploration of emotion, individuality, and freedom. Through a collision of speech and dance, music and movement, and visual and physical finesse, The Giver tells the story of a young protagonist as he struggles to break free of a dystopian world devoid of memory, music, and color. With a stunning array of original works by student choreographers, composers, filmmakers, and professional guest artists, our production redefines not only the way we think about forms of representation and art, but also our human understanding of what it means to truly live, laugh, and love.

HBC’s Spring 2015 production, The Jungle Book, transforms the Loeb Experimental Theater into a vine-covered space deep in the heart of the jungle. While we retell Kipling’s coming-of-age story of Mowgli, a human child raised in the world, we also simultaneously tackle the challenge of capturing the vibrant rhythms of the jungle and showcase skill and technique in contemporary, modern, and classical ballet.